Characteristics of a Successful Business Owner

I’ve been  in the wine business for many years, but in life, not just in business, certain traits are essential in order to become at the very least “Possibly” successful. Here are the eleven traits that helped me to succeed in the wine business and that one should have in running any type of business:


Able to see the big picture

If you would like to get anywhere in life, you must be able to see the big picture of your things, seeing things in a large perspective, the overall result or direction of things if you will. Seeing the big picture allows you to not be confined to your own perspective. Lean not on your on your own understanding as they say.


Be Focused

Even if you are the smartest or most talented man in the world, you will never be able to achieve or finish anything if you have no focus in what you are doing, knowing where and what to focus in life is essential for not just a successful but a happy life.


Have Creativity

I once read a quote which said “Creativity is intelligence having fun”, if you are creative you can imagine innovative or at the very least fun ways to solve problems.  Good businesses are born from innovative ideas; innovative ideas are born from creative people. Carpet cleaning company in Salt Lake City says that creativity was very important for their business growth.


Be Realistic

Often times we think this statement as limiting, it can be if you think of it as such. But by “be realistic” what I am trying to say is to look at what you have right now, the resources that you can use. Make creative innovative ideas that can be built with what you can get your hands on.


Be Strategic

You must look at your surroundings and situation in a way that you can plan out things, it is important to have a direction in life in order to be successful. In business strategy is essential to keep being competitive in the market.


Explore Every Possibility

Once you have the traits above, you will be able to see all the possibilities. It is important to explore each possibility in order to achieve the best results. If Edison didn’t explore all the possible ways on how not to create a light bulb he would have not found one of the ways to make a light bulb.


Learn to Reflect

Be it mistakes or success, it is important to review what you have learned and how you could make things better.


Question what is popular

Is it a Fad? Why is it a popular? And should I just go with the flow and follow the crowd? Are good questions, it falls back to possibilities and creativity, also if popular thinking is wrong.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You are not superman, if you need help or input you shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed in asking for help.


Think of others

If all your thoughts is just about you and your needs you will never be able to succeed, if you wish to truly succeed in life and business find a problem that we all face and make something to make it better. Most if not all entrepreneurs who are successful did this.


Always think of the bottom-line

We go back to the first trait; we look at the big picture of things and see where they go; to the finality of things. Be it peace or just a service that makes the life of one or many better.


And here’s a few words from the man himself