Interesting Facts About Wine


So you watched sideways and thing you know a lot about wine now. Well aside from the fact that that is sad, here are a few facts about wine you might find interesting.

  1. Not All Wine is good for you

Wine is good for you, but not all wine. Though studies have shown that red wine is good for you with all the goodies found in it like Resveratrol, White wine actually increases the risk of cancer. So maybe it would just be better if you stick to just one or two glasses a day.

  1. The Biggest Consumer of Red Wine is China

The color red is considered a lucky color in Chinese Culture, coupled with the health benefits of wine, and you have a drink that is in high demand. With a population of 2 billion people, even a small percent of the market share would make any product do well in the Chinese market.

  1. Wine Improves Your Sex Life

According to some studies 2 glasses of wine could make a night of pleasure even more pleasurable to women.

  1. Thank Monks for Wine

Wine making techniques was preserved and improved by monks during the middle ages, if not for them we would not have the modern techniques we have today.

  1. Dom Perignon was named after a monk

Pier Perignon was a 17th century monk who was a master of wine making; his techniques are still used today. The famous wine was name after him in honor of the work he’s done.

  1. Color tells you where wine comes from

If you want to know where the grapes used in the wine comes from check the color of the wine. The darker the color the warmer the climate of the origin of the grapes is, Lighter color indicates a cooler climate.

  1. Women can Actually Get drunk Faster with Wine

Apparently this is true, what seems like something of a wives tale is actually backed by science.  Then again the study actually states that it’s all alcohol not just wine,  I’m just running out of ideas.

  1. Oenophobia

Is the fear of wine, yes you heard me, the fear of wine.