Why Some Driving Instructors Should Be Avoided

The relationship between an instructor and pupil is often quite informal. However, if this informality crosses over into unprofessionalism, it’s time to find a new driving instructor.

Getting behind the wheel with someone who doesn’t take their job seriously can make it very difficult to learn. Check out 5 top signs of a bad driving instructor below:.

They’re Not Acting Professionally

A good driving instructor is professional at all times. They should never get angry with their pupils, shout at them or treat them badly. This type of behaviour is not acceptable and should be reported to the DVSA as soon as possible. If you’re feeling uncomfortable or unsafe with your instructor, find a new one right away.

You’re going to be spending a lot of time with your instructor and they will have a significant impact on your learning experience. A bad driving instructor can be difficult to work with and make it feel like you are not making progress. You should always look for a qualified driving instructor and read reviews of their teaching skills before choosing them.

Many driving instructors only teach as a sideline to their main job and they may not be as dedicated to the profession as you might expect. This can often lead to an imbalance between you and your instructor. They might also be unable to give you the level of attention that you need. However, if you find a reputable driving school Brooklyn, you can be assured of experienced, dedicated instructors who are committed to helping you become a safe and confident driver.

Most driving instructors will be willing to chat with you (it’s a great way to help you relax during lessons and prepare for when you pass your test and start taking friends and family on drives), but they should not spend the entire lesson chatting at the expense of your driving. You’re paying for your lessons and your instructor should be fully focused on helping you learn the skills that you need to be a safe driver.

Being a driving instructor is a huge responsibility and it requires the ability to remain calm and reassuring even when a pupil makes a mistake. If your instructor gets frustrated with you or starts swearing, it’s a sign that they’re not doing their job properly. Driving is a complex process and it takes time to master the skills involved, so don’t be put off if you make a mistake – just keep calm and try again!

Lessons only last one or two hours and your instructor should be punctual. If they are constantly turning up late, or if they are regularly ending your lesson before the allotted time, it might be worth looking for another teacher.

They’re Getting Angry With You

If your instructor shouts at you a lot, it’s a sure sign that they aren’t doing their job well. Driving instructors should know how to teach in a pupil-centred way, meaning that they should adapt each lesson to suit the abilities of the learner in the car. It’s normal for them to be frustrated at times, but if they lose their composure and start shouting at you all the time, it’s time to consider finding a new one.

While it’s a good thing that your instructor will want to chat with you during lessons and engender a bond, there is a line between friendliness and unprofessionalism. It’s also not acceptable for them to be constantly on their phone during a lesson, even if it’s just to answer a text!

Many learners will find it difficult to deal with an aggressive driving instructor. Often this type of instructor will be male, and they will feel the need to behave in an aggressive manner to display their authority. It’s not a good thing for either party involved, but it’s important to report this type of behaviour and try to find an alternative.

Instructors should always be patient when teaching a learner, as they are responsible for ensuring that the student is safe and confident behind the wheel. They should be able to calmly explain things clearly, and they shouldn’t become angry if the student makes mistakes or is unable to understand a certain aspect of the learning process.

It’s also a bad idea for an instructor to be late for a lesson. This can be very frustrating for the student, and it shows that they don’t care enough about their students. Often, turning up late is down to poor time management, so you may want to look for another instructor if yours is consistently late for each of your lessons.

If you are unhappy with your instructor, it is best to speak to them about this directly. You can email or call them to inform them of your concerns, and politely ask that they change their ways. Changing your driving instructor can be a daunting prospect, but it’s important to remember that you’re paying them good money for each of your lessons, and you deserve a pleasant experience every single time you sit in the car.

They’re Not Giving You Positive Feedback

The relationship between an instructor and a student is an unusual one. They start off as complete strangers and then they become quite close as they spend more and more time together – and in many ways, this is a good thing. However, this intimacy can quickly go wrong if the informality veers into unprofessionalism. For instance, if your instructor gets impatient and tries to rush you or becomes excessively critical, it’s a problem. You can’t learn to drive from someone who undermines your confidence with snide comments or makes you feel stupid.

Similarly, if your instructor isn’t telling you when you are doing well or not making any constructive criticism then that’s another problem. A good driving instructor will make sure you know how well you are doing on each lesson, so that you can build trust and encourage yourself to push yourself further than before.

If your instructor ends each lesson with a brief rundown of how you did and what you need to work on then that’s good, but it is a big red flag if they don’t give you any feedback at all. This can make you feel like they are not interested in your progress and will be less likely to invest in you when you are ready to take the test.

While it may be ok for a passenger to take a phone call during a driving lesson, it is not acceptable for your instructor to do so. They are supposed to be supervising you at all times, taking control if they see danger and they shouldn’t be distracted by a call.

Changing driving instructors can be difficult, particularly if you’ve been with your current instructor for a long time. It’s important to find the right person for you, but if it doesn’t quite work out then it’s okay to try something new. Just be aware that you will have to adjust your schedule if you choose to go with a different instructor, as they might not work on the same days or at the same hours.

They’re Taking Control of the Wheel

The driving instructor is a key part of your learning experience. The right instructor can make you feel confident behind the wheel and take away the natural nerves every learner driver feels. The wrong instructor, however, can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. A bad instructor can actually affect your ability to learn the skills necessary for passing your test.

If you are having trouble with your instructor, don’t be afraid to voice your concerns. You don’t want to damage your relationship, but it is important that you speak up if you think your instructor isn’t performing their job properly.

A good instructor will understand that you may be nervous or uncomfortable during your lessons, and they will work to keep you calm and help you learn the necessary skills in a comfortable, collaborative manner. If you notice that your instructor is overly stressed, or if they are shouting at you, it may be time to look for another instructor.

During training, instructors are taught to deliver lessons in a pupil-centred way. This means that they must focus on you as a student and adapt their teaching to suit your individual abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. This requires a certain level of empathy, so if your instructor is getting frustrated with you and swearing at you, it’s probably best to find someone new.

It’s also a red flag if your instructor is constantly using their phone during a lesson. This is not only dangerous for you, but it’s illegal and could cause them to be removed from the ADI register. If you see an instructor using their mobile phone during a lesson, don’t hesitate to politely let them know that it is disruptive to the learning process and that you’d prefer they not use it.

Finally, if your instructor is consistently late for your lessons, it’s probably best to find a different one. They should never be late by more than 5 minutes and they should always give you a reason for being late (such as traffic or an unexpected emergency).

There are plenty of great driving instructors out there, but it’s important that you find the right one for you. A great instructor will make you feel confident behind the wheel and help you pass your driving test first time around. Be wary of any instructors who are not showing these traits, as they may not be the best fit for you.