Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures in USA

  1. Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation Las VegasIn 2010 alone 296,203 people have some form of breast augmentation surgery, making the procedure the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the US. The procedure has been getting more and more popular each year as new advancements in the field allows for safer and faster recovery time. The appeal of having better or a perfect body figure has always been there, as the procedure becomes more affordable and safer, more and more people opt for getting breast augmentations.

  1. Rhinoplasty

Coming in second to Breast augmentation is Rhinoplasty, getting the perfect nose is a dilemma that both sides of the gender has. Aside from aesthetic reason though, Rhinoplasty is used to treat birth defects, burn victims, and other patients who lost or damaged their nose through an accident or incident.

  1. Eyelid Surgery

With a name that is self-explanatory name, I was surprised to place this so high in the list, though I can see the cosmetic appeal and medical reconstructive applications.

  1. Liposuction

Everybody wants a better shaped body, and I can imagine the number of people going through this procedure due to the sheer number of obese people in the country. Though not really a weight loss procedure, a lot of people do get the procedure for weight loss.

  1. Abdominoplasty

I’ve often seen this procedure done to people who have gone through liposuction, often after the procedure the skin remains stretched and takes a year or more to return to normal. People often want things fast so I can see why this is also so high in the list.

  1. Facelift

I had first thought that this would be higher in the list as we often hear this procedure mentioned in movies along with breast augmentation.

  1. Breast Lift

This procedure seems to be climbing up in the list every year, with an average increase of 3% or so.

  1. Dermabrasion

You can compare the procedure to sanding wood to reveal a smoother layer underneath, evening out the bumps.

  1. Forehead lift

The procedure that reduces subtle signs of aging such as lines has not really increase in the number of patients. At least not significantly, I can guess maybe some people just opt for a whole facelift.