How to Get Rid of Bats Effectively – Simple Tips and Tricks to Try

Are you wondering how to get rid of bats without having to call Animal Control? Bats do indeed have a terrible reputation. Whether it was because of the old nursery rhyme, vampire myths, or just the old age-old story that all bats attack humans for no particular reason, most folks just do not like bats. That is understandable because of all the bad press that has accompanied this insect.

The thing about bats is that there is usually a reason why they have an infestation. Bats are rodents that can be found in attics, basements, crawl spaces, and woods, plus they can be found in and around houses. A commonplace for bats to roost is in the attic of a house.

If you have had a roosting site in your attic, then it is a perfect entry point for bats. Bats are very attracted to any warm human skin, especially when there is no current air circulation. If you have any holes on your walls, such as missing siding, holes in the garage roof, etc. the bats will be attracted by these holes and come onto your property.

They will look for any warm, moist, unoccupied places, such as attics, crawl spaces, basements, laundry rooms, etc. The problem is that there is no way of knowing what is hiding in these holes until it is too late. How to tell if there is a bat infestation? One good sign is that the bats will leave fecal droppings on your furniture, especially where there is human clothing.

This can be quite disgusting and may indicate a roosting site. Another sign is if you notice the bats leaving nymphs or baby bats, they will be bigger than the adult bats and roosting in large colonies. The third sign is bat urine, it is often overlooked but can be an indication of a bat roosting nearby.

The adult bats will leave droppings around, especially on the foliage where they roost. The nitrogen found in this urine is a food source for other insect pests. So watch out for evidence of urine in your home. A chimney or attics are the third places, people think to get inside the house. These places are well protected from bats, so there is no reason to try and get inside.

Again, because of the insulation in these locations, they do not have the same insulation benefits for bats as the rest of the house. If you need to ventilate your attic or chimney, make sure it is well vented before you install any type of ventilation system.

Remember that if you need to open your attic to install any type of system, you must do so when the bats are not nesting in the area. Finally, you may have heard the term “roosting”. Bat roosting refers to when the bats come back to the same spot every year to form a new colony. Bat Removal Omaha understands this and more about bats, which is why we are urging you to hire them ASAP.

When they do this, the older bats will leave to start a new colony. This is when you may notice their roosting calls. The younger bats will not be making these roosting calls. How to get rid of the bats that are coming back to the same place each year is to inspect the attic, crawl spaces, and walls regularly for signs of damage.

Exclusion is always the best way to solve a problem. You can seal up the area so that no insects, snakes, mice, or rats can get in and damage your belongings or invade your home. It may be necessary to add a sealant to your seams and cracks to prevent water from getting inside.