Must Knows Before Visiting Las Vegas

Las Vegas LandscapeOften times, a bad vacation can simply be because you didn’t learn enough about the place you wanted to visit. Weather it the place you are visiting is domestic or international, it is essential to know more about their culture and practices that are considered polite and actions that can be considered rude. Here are a few things to know before visiting Las Vegas.


1.) Tip and Tip Well.

The worst thing you can do anywhere in the country is not give a tip to your server, in Las Vegas a bad tip or not tipping can mean the difference of great quality service and being ignored. Casinos often give out free drinks, the cocktail waitress has complete control where the drinks go in the floor, if you want a good time with free drinks remember to tip your waitresses. Crime rates are rising in Las Vegas according to bail bondsman representatives.



I wrote the title in bold letters to make my point clear, there are a lot of terrible decisions you can make with your credit Card, and gambling is probably the worst thing you can do with it. You came to Vegas for you to take a break from the troubles of the outside world, NOT to add to it, Keep your losses to a minimal in cash if not to no loss at all.


3.) Do Not Stay For Too Long.

Like a summer fling, Good things in life must end, if not it will just drag on and those happy days could become bland, or worst turn into a nightmare. 2 Days is just the right amount of time to enjoy what Vegas has to offer, maybe 5 days MAX if you are under your 30’s.


4.) Be Respectful of Everyone.

This is true anywhere in the world but you have to keep yourself from accidentally being rude. For example, in Las Vegas breast augmentation surgery is not uncommon; No matter how gorgeous and huge they are, please refrain yourself from expressing yourself by mimicking how large they are with your hands. This happens more often than one would think.


5.) Taxis

When you are riding cabs in Vegas, always make it look like you know where you are going and it is NOT your first time in Sin City. If you do the driver often uses it as an opportunity to use long routes to get the most from you as they can.


6.) Don’t be Late for Your Flight home.

The airport is often quite tamed during non-peak days, but if you just happen to leave on a Sunday or after a big trade show ends, you’ll be trying out your luck in Vegas in a whole different way. Keep yourself from getting left behind by always give at least a few hours as cushion for unexpected things.


It is essential to always know a lot of things about the places you are going to before you get there, as the saying goes; “Plans are useless, but Planning is essential.”