Taking Selfies – Why Most People Are Obssessed With Them

Through the launch of social media, folks were able to express themselves with techniques that weren’t available in previous times. Individuals are able to discuss how they feel, wherever they’re and where they’re going, amongst others items–be it if it’s through photos, long posts, and/or captions for selfies.

But you are not restricted to words when is about what’s happening within their life, they are able to also take photos of themselves. And while one may share photos of exactly where they’ve visited or maybe time they’ve spent with family or friends, another alternative is for them to consider close up photos of the face.

When one takes these sorts of photographs, they may be before something substantial but at exactly the same time, they may not. The primary emphasis of the picture will be their face and what’s happening behind them is thus irrelevant.

A Case of Degree

Nevertheless, though some individuals might discuss a close up picture then and now, you will find various other who share them on a consistent schedule. There are additionally going to be individuals that do not talk about many’ Selfies’, after which this might change for a particular time.

This demonstrates this’s white and black not and how individuals photo sharing behavior is able to change. When somebody raises the number of Selfies they share, it’s likely to stick out much more than it’d in case somebody is definitely sharing them.

A Behavioral Change

It stands out since their behavior has changed even though another person’s behavior might stand out, it’s typical. There might have been a moment when their behavior would’ve stood out but as time has elapsed, it’s most likely what men and women came to expect of them.

When it pertains to somebody that has changed their behavior from which of somebody that seldom shared them, to somebody who’s, much more or perhaps less, regularly sharing them, it might be declared one’s psychological state has just recently changed.

Mental State

This may be an indication that something minor has happened in their life or maybe it may be something far more substantial. Their pictures might subsequently be a cry for assistance along with a means for them to get some kind of validation and support during a difficult time in their lifetime.

And also through the reactions that a person gets from the Selfies they reveal, one will likely then be in a position to modify the way they think. The effect they’ve on their mental state could make an enormous improvement and then plays a role in one being ready to buy over a tough time in their lifetime.


One could have had a break-up and thus not only will they really feel terrible, nevertheless self-image might have been impacted. The responses they get from others cause them in order to feel good and also to enhance their self-image.

One More Outcome

This may also go another way, however, as one may not obtain the responses they desire. Or maybe the external feedback that a person does receive from others could work in the novice but as time goes by, it may begin to fade away.

The law of diminishing returns will be at the office along with one will have to do even more to be able to feel a similar outcome. So one could possibly start to take a lot more Selfies or maybe they may even go even further and reach the realization that they have to change their look.


This may be a brand new hairstyle, makeup that is different, a tan as well as a sort of cosmetic enhancement. Below, you have allowed the views of others to explain the way they think and their quality of personal worth.

Even though individuals are interdependent and therefore have to get good comments from others, you are likely to create problems for themselves once they start to be determined by the ideas of others.


Below, one is in a place in which they’re not in control of the way they think or the way they see themselves. And when one is constantly posting Selfies and this does not relate to the unusual occasion, they may also be in the same spot.

The Modern Day World

One argument could be that posting Selfies is simply a manifestation of the modern day arena and it is a consequence of today’s technology and there’s probably an aspect of truth to this particular. Nevertheless, because one thing has become natural or is a typical occurrence, it does not imply it’s this good.

For one thing, present-day society does not precisely entourage people being themselves or perhaps to realize they’re adequate. And people’s childhoods seldom set them up to believe they’re plenty or even provide them with the power to regulate their feelings.

Psychological Regulation

These 2 elements may then result in people to be determined by the ideas of others with regards to how they think and see themselves. Therefore when one cannot regulate their emotions, they are likely to have to find methods to regulate the way they think. And publishing a Selfie is one option for somebody to regulate their feelings.

2 Sides

And while one could have a self-image that’s fairly strong in the novice, through opening themselves up and also searching validation from others, it might begin to cut back over time. One may start to base their worth on how individuals respond to their pictures.

This reveals it’s not simply the individuals that miss a powerful sense of self and therefore are reliant on other people who are able to be pulled into this; it can possibly have an impact on individuals that had been initially strong. The main reason they had been sucked in could be because of a present struggle in their lifetime.


And so next, posting Selfies is obviously not one thing that’s white and black, you will find many different variables involved. And taking photos of oneself and after that sharing them with the earth isn’t a thing that a person must feel embarrassed of.

It is permitted to share photos of themselves, nonetheless, it is going to be essential for a person being conscious of exactly why they are doing whatever they doing as well as the influence it’s having on their lifestyle. Plus in case you are going through some sort of struggle, is not able to regulate their feelings as well as features a disempowering self-image, then it is going to be essential for them to reach out for the correct support.