The Benefits of Drinking Wine

We’ve heard it over and over again, Drinking wine is good for you, but what are the benefits of drinking wine exactly? Though I never say no to a good time at the bar, I never really thought of the benefits of my chosen beverage. I am a wine drinker through and through, and while I do have a few affairs with the occasional beer and whisky, I still come home to my dear Vino.

So what exactly are the benefits?  

  • Good For The Heart – studies have shown that drinking red wine allows for better cardiovascular health, this all started when they noticed the Frenchmen have a lower tendency to have heart disease even with their rich diet. Everything points to their heavy consumption of red wine, and test shows positive results.

  • Eternal Youth – Okay, maybe not eternal youth, but there have been studies that the resveratrol found in red wine helps reduce aging. One experiment with mice even showed the reversal of cellular damaged caused by aging.
  • Good For The Tummy – I don’t know about you, buy whenever I get bad stomach, I have a glass of wine, and it almost always clears up by the next day.
  • Better Taste – How do I explain this… after learning how to drink wine properly, learning to taste the deeper flavor and such, I have been able to appreciate other tastes better, maybe it is just me, but I believe it enhanced my pallet.

The main benefit of drinking wine is that you have a great time without feeling bloated, like when drinking beer, or intoxicated quickly, like when drinking the hard stuff.