Beware of Counterfeited Wine

counterfeit-wineIf you don’t know yet, yes they counterfeit wine now, why? Well since the last few decades the sale of rare or exclusive bottles of wines have been reaching from the tens of thousands, and even possibly millions. Of course people who are less honest than us will take notice of it and try to take advantage of it. So for the last few years, people have been forging exclusive wines, and rare old bottles of wines.

They have fooled many people; some forgers are so good at making these forgeries that even some of the so called experts can be fooled by it. One case, where a billionaire was fooled into buying a fake bottle of a historical bottle of wine, an ex-FBI agent was even called in to consult the case. My electrician friend pointed out that one of my wine bottle is fake.

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Though these counterfeit wines can be dangerous or just undrinkable, a lot of these wines are actually not bad, so you might not know that that bottle of “Petrus” you drank at your friend’s wedding might have been a forgery. The only way to truly know if a bottle of wine is authentic is through the eyes of a true expert, and if that fails and the wine bottle was produced before 1945 you might be able to get a laboratory to test if a certain element is present in the wine inside. (Fun Fact: after the atomic explosions, a certain element that did not exist on the surface of the earth was released throughout the world, though harmless anything that contains it was definitely produced after 1945)


The Benefits of Drinking Wine

We’ve heard it over and over again, Drinking wine is good for you, but what are the benefits of drinking wine exactly? Though I never say no to a good time at the bar, I never really thought of the benefits of my chosen beverage. I am a wine drinker through and through, and while I do have a few affairs with the occasional beer and whisky, I still come home to my dear Vino.

So what exactly are the benefits?  

  • Good For The Heart – studies have shown that drinking red wine allows for better cardiovascular health, this all started when they noticed the Frenchmen have a lower tendency to have heart disease even with their rich diet. Everything points to their heavy consumption of red wine, and test shows positive results.

  • Eternal Youth – Okay, maybe not eternal youth, but there have been studies that the resveratrol found in red wine helps reduce aging. One experiment with mice even showed the reversal of cellular damaged caused by aging.
  • Good For The Tummy – I don’t know about you, buy whenever I get bad stomach, I have a glass of wine, and it almost always clears up by the next day.
  • Better Taste – How do I explain this… after learning how to drink wine properly, learning to taste the deeper flavor and such, I have been able to appreciate other tastes better, maybe it is just me, but I believe it enhanced my pallet.

The main benefit of drinking wine is that you have a great time without feeling bloated, like when drinking beer, or intoxicated quickly, like when drinking the hard stuff.


There’s Poison in the Wine!

So I’ve been reading reports of something terrible, there is poison in the wine! Which wine? Any wine that uses grapes from growers who use pesticides, but hold on for a second! Is the wine poisonous? Are there enough residues of pesticide and chemicals to affect us wine drinkers? Apparently not, it seems as though these reports were made to be more sensational than it really should be. While there are traces of several kinds of chemicals and pesticides in the wine, this is measured in parts per billion, and all of the chemicals needs incredibly high doses just to show any reaction. To make sure though we made a quick phone call to a Pest Control Company Hanford, and the answers we got lines up with our research.

So why make a big deal about this? Let me wear my tinfoil hat for one moment and tell you a conspiracy! Unfortunately, it’s not Aliens; there has been a big push for organic wines these last few years, and evidence shows that there are movements to discredit wines that use produce from conventional growers. A bit underhanded, but I can’t prove anything.

So are we in danger of getting poisoned by the chemicals? No, you’ll need to drink a lot of wine before that happens, with that amount though you’ll most certainly succumb to alcohol poisoning before the pesticides get you. Now, the real question is; do the trace pesticides affect the taste? Maybe, but after all these years of drinking wine with pesticides, we might have already included them in a flavor profile.

Why Las Vegas Is The Best Place for Chiropractic Treatment

Okay so why Vegas of all places, well if you must know a lot of chiropractic conventions are held in the place. If anything it would be the best place in the country to get chiropractic treatment, if you time it correctly you could even get it for free (possibly, I can’t promise anything). The Idea is to get the best treatment by going to the city while the best chiropractors in the country are basically in one place. Yes, they might be there for a little vacation like stay, but remember their reason for being there is for business. But aside from that, the reason for choosing Las Vegas as your destination for treatment is that the knowledge of each of the best chiropractor is spread in the city, if there are new techniques or innovations in the field of chiropractic treatment it would be Vegas that will first implement every one of it at the same time. And finally if you go to Vegas for your treatment you can even have a little mini vacation in the most fun place to be as an adult.

Being in Las Vegas during a chiropractic convention, will allow you to make connections that will lead you to the best treatment you can get both in the city and back home. They might even throw in a sample of the treatment, surprisingly enough if you befriend these doctors they tend to be quite friendly. If not at least you can see for yourself what the new approaches are being used by the therapist, if you are suffering from chronic back pain you can at least notify or inquire your chiropractor about the new approaches.

Because of the conventions, local chiropractors in Las Vegas are probably the most well informed in the field of chiropractors, or at least they should be. With new technology and techniques being introduced in the convention, each study and theory can immediately be implemented or experimented on in their local clinics. Having these new techniques as options for treatment will allow you to have a better chance of recovering from chronic back pain. This is not limited only during the time of conventions, as the knowledge will stay even after the visitors and speakers have left.

Whether or not you luck out and get to experience the benefits of the first two points of this article, you will still get the benefit of a decent and proper chiropractic treatment anywhere in the country. The difference when going to a Las Vegas chiropractor is you get the added bonus of having a Vegas trip you can enjoy while having your treatment.  When getting treatment it is necessary for the patient to have a relaxing and positive time, in order to heal faster and better.

Las Vegas has a lot to offer, grand casinos, beautiful dancers, and world class hotels and restaurants.  But few know the advantages of going to Las Vegas for chiropractic treatment, if you have the time and the extra money, get your back treated by a Las Vegas chiropractor.

Is buying a yacht a good idea ?

We’ve thought of it at least once in our life, sailing through the seas and just relaxing on you private yacht. But is it really a good idea to buy a yacht? The answer is; it depends, can you afford one? You might think buying a yacht is as simple as buying a car, you go to the dealer, fill up some paper work, and you’re done! Not even close!  Unlike your car, you can’t just park it on your drive way, you have to put it somewhere that cost’s money, that and the fact that you also have to keep the yacht maintained to be seaworthy and retain at least some of its value.  If you have a considerably large disposable income then maybe just maybe it would be a good idea.

http://www.swedenborgianchurchsandiego.orgIf you are a person with a large disposable income then great! You now have the ability to buy and maintain your yacht. Now, what will you do with your yacht? If you’ve got a whole lot of money to burn I recommend a Summit Yachts yacht rental company. But if you’re thinking of buying a yacht to flip or something, well you better be knowledgeable in the market of yachts and Yachts themselves, for someone who’s looking on getting their carpets cleaned – contact this carpet cleaning Utah company. Buy a crappy one, you’re broke, buy an overpriced one and can’t sell it even at the same price? You’re broke. But think of the bright side, if you’re in deep shit and need to get away from your creditors, you can escape to the seas and live off fish for the rest of your life.

Jokes aside, buying a yacht and using it for your own pleasure is an awesome experience. And if you want to make a little money on the side while not using it, rent it out. But it is important that you know what you are getting yourself into; if you can just afford it along with the cost of having one, make some research first and make sure you are buying it at a good price, so if you get tired of owning one you can sell it at a competitive price. Be warned though, the yacht market is often illiquid; it’s hard to sell luxury items like this.

So back to the question; is it a good idea to buy a Yacht? Yes, as long as you know what you are getting yourself into.  It’s good to enjoy life and have adventures, within reason of course.

Must Knows Before Visiting Las Vegas

Las Vegas LandscapeOften times, a bad vacation can simply be because you didn’t learn enough about the place you wanted to visit. Weather it the place you are visiting is domestic or international, it is essential to know more about their culture and practices that are considered polite and actions that can be considered rude. Here are a few things to know before visiting Las Vegas.


1.) Tip and Tip Well.

The worst thing you can do anywhere in the country is not give a tip to your server, in Las Vegas a bad tip or not tipping can mean the difference of great quality service and being ignored. Casinos often give out free drinks, the cocktail waitress has complete control where the drinks go in the floor, if you want a good time with free drinks remember to tip your waitresses. Crime rates are rising in Las Vegas according to bail bondsman representatives.



I wrote the title in bold letters to make my point clear, there are a lot of terrible decisions you can make with your credit Card, and gambling is probably the worst thing you can do with it. You came to Vegas for you to take a break from the troubles of the outside world, NOT to add to it, Keep your losses to a minimal in cash if not to no loss at all.


3.) Do Not Stay For Too Long.

Like a summer fling, Good things in life must end, if not it will just drag on and those happy days could become bland, or worst turn into a nightmare. 2 Days is just the right amount of time to enjoy what Vegas has to offer, maybe 5 days MAX if you are under your 30’s.


4.) Be Respectful of Everyone.

This is true anywhere in the world but you have to keep yourself from accidentally being rude. For example, in Las Vegas breast augmentation surgery is not uncommon; No matter how gorgeous and huge they are, please refrain yourself from expressing yourself by mimicking how large they are with your hands. This happens more often than one would think.


5.) Taxis

When you are riding cabs in Vegas, always make it look like you know where you are going and it is NOT your first time in Sin City. If you do the driver often uses it as an opportunity to use long routes to get the most from you as they can.


6.) Don’t be Late for Your Flight home.

The airport is often quite tamed during non-peak days, but if you just happen to leave on a Sunday or after a big trade show ends, you’ll be trying out your luck in Vegas in a whole different way. Keep yourself from getting left behind by always give at least a few hours as cushion for unexpected things.


It is essential to always know a lot of things about the places you are going to before you get there, as the saying goes; “Plans are useless, but Planning is essential.”

Learning to Taste Wine With Martin

I hear it way too often, that tasting wine is a load of bull and it all taste basically the same, and that it’s all just in the mind of the person tasting it. Okay so where I heard that from was clearly not from people who even likes wine; much less know anything about it. Everyone’s taste differs, so they might not like it and categorizes all wine as equally terrible. But wine tasting is an art; you must learn it to at the very least truly appreciate wine. I am trying to be elitist or anything, I am just trying to say that some things takes time, patients and discipline to truly understand and enjoy. Even I had to learn how to taste wine, and at first I didn’t even get it myself, but after learning and a bit of practice (a lot of drinking), I finally manage to truly know the taste of wine, the good and the bad. So now I will share to you the first step to truly appreciate wine, the basics of how to taste it.

You must first understand that good and bad wine, unless if the wine is tainted, is completely subjective. One could call a $10 bottle of wine as one of the best wines they’ve tasted, at the same time call a bottle of Petrus as “not very good” though unlikely. People like what they like and dislikes what they dislike, if you disagree you may do so but still respect their choice.

There are two main parts to tasting wine, the taster’s objective view, and the information of the wine. First off is the taster objective view. This is the most basic of basic introduction so nothing too detailed will be talked about.

Smell is where 50% of the taste of wine comes from, it is essential to smell the aroma of the wine, swirling it if necessary to release more of it. Look for characteristics of the aroma of the wine, like Reduction; the smell of boiled cabbage or something similar characterizes this, its presents will determine some of the wine’s flavor; where higher presence indicates an almost pungent trait, while a lesser presence will characterize a complex fruit flavor or Minerality in its flavor.

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Oxidation can be seen by a brownish tint in the wine’s color and often times gives off a sort of caramel or coffee aroma. Too high of a level of oxidation will greatly reduce any fruitiness of the flavor.

There is more to know about Smell, but this should be enough to get you started, let’s talk about your palate. Simple enough we need to look for the following when tasting: Sweetness, Acidity, Tannin, Body and Finish.

Sweetness, not to confuse with the fruitiness of the wine itself, sweetness is due to the residual sugar that remains after fermentation. Wines like Medium-dry and medium sweet wines sweetness is quite detectable, while wines classed as off-dry has a more subtle sweetness to it.  Again I oversimplify this.

Acidity is the source of wine’s freshness; you can see how acidic wine is by seeing how long your mouth water after drinking a sip. Sweetness can mask acidity and vice versa.

Tannin is what causes the dry feeling in your mouth when drinking wines; it comes from the skin of grapes. The presents of tannin are part of the texture of the wine, the longer the dry sensation the higher the level of tannin there is. Atlanta’s electricians have many ideas on how to improve our wiring system in our wine cellar.

Body is the overall impression of wine to you, the stronger the alcohol, higher the tannin and flavor the more “full bodied it is”.

Finally the Finish is the taste that remains after swallowing, how is it? What do you taste? And how long does it last. The longer the taste last the better the quality of wine (if the taste is good that is).

This is an over-simplified way of explaining how to taste wine, if you truly want to go into deeper depth, I suggest finding a wine tasting event and experiencing the real thing.

Characteristics of a Successful Business Owner

I’ve been  in the wine business for many years, but in life, not just in business, certain traits are essential in order to become at the very least “Possibly” successful. Here are the eleven traits that helped me to succeed in the wine business and that one should have in running any type of business:


Able to see the big picture

If you would like to get anywhere in life, you must be able to see the big picture of your things, seeing things in a large perspective, the overall result or direction of things if you will. Seeing the big picture allows you to not be confined to your own perspective. Lean not on your on your own understanding as they say.


Be Focused

Even if you are the smartest or most talented man in the world, you will never be able to achieve or finish anything if you have no focus in what you are doing, knowing where and what to focus in life is essential for not just a successful but a happy life.


Have Creativity

I once read a quote which said “Creativity is intelligence having fun”, if you are creative you can imagine innovative or at the very least fun ways to solve problems.  Good businesses are born from innovative ideas; innovative ideas are born from creative people. Carpet cleaning company in Salt Lake City says that creativity was very important for their business growth.


Be Realistic

Often times we think this statement as limiting, it can be if you think of it as such. But by “be realistic” what I am trying to say is to look at what you have right now, the resources that you can use. Make creative innovative ideas that can be built with what you can get your hands on.


Be Strategic

You must look at your surroundings and situation in a way that you can plan out things, it is important to have a direction in life in order to be successful. In business strategy is essential to keep being competitive in the market.


Explore Every Possibility

Once you have the traits above, you will be able to see all the possibilities. It is important to explore each possibility in order to achieve the best results. If Edison didn’t explore all the possible ways on how not to create a light bulb he would have not found one of the ways to make a light bulb.


Learn to Reflect

Be it mistakes or success, it is important to review what you have learned and how you could make things better.


Question what is popular

Is it a Fad? Why is it a popular? And should I just go with the flow and follow the crowd? Are good questions, it falls back to possibilities and creativity, also if popular thinking is wrong.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You are not superman, if you need help or input you shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed in asking for help.


Think of others

If all your thoughts is just about you and your needs you will never be able to succeed, if you wish to truly succeed in life and business find a problem that we all face and make something to make it better. Most if not all entrepreneurs who are successful did this.


Always think of the bottom-line

We go back to the first trait; we look at the big picture of things and see where they go; to the finality of things. Be it peace or just a service that makes the life of one or many better.


And here’s a few words from the man himself