poison in wine

There’s Poison in the Wine!

So I’ve been reading reports of something terrible, there is poison in the wine! Which wine? Any wine that uses grapes from growers who use pesticides, but hold on for a second! Is the wine poisonous? Are there enough residues of pesticide and chemicals to affect us wine drinkers? Apparently not, it seems as though these reports were made to be more sensational than it really should be. While there are traces of several kinds of chemicals and pesticides in the wine, this is measured in parts per billion, and all of the chemicals needs incredibly high doses just to show any reaction. To make sure though we made a quick phone call to a Pest Control Company Hanford, and the answers we got lines up with our research.


So why make a big deal about this? Let me wear my tinfoil hat for one moment and tell you a conspiracy! Unfortunately, it’s not Aliens; there has been a big push for organic wines these last few years, and evidence shows that there are movements to discredit wines that use produce from conventional growers. A bit underhanded, but I can’t prove anything.

So are we in danger of getting poisoned by the chemicals? No, you’ll need to drink a lot of wine before that happens, with that amount though you’ll most certainly succumb to alcohol poisoning before the pesticides get you. Now, the real question is; do the trace pesticides affect the taste? Maybe, but after all these years of drinking wine with pesticides, we might have already included them in a flavor profile.